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What is Idealmalls

What is idealmalls

Idealmalls is the biggest and trusted online shopping store, We Supply English Agent Service to help oversea buyers to connect with TaoBao Sellers and complete the domestic purchasement including payment, reception and checking Items. Then we make international shipment door to door.

Idealmalls is the application site of taobao Worldwide. (Taobao.com is Chinese largest online shop around the world which is certainly considered to be the Chinese Amazon and ebay. On idealmalls.com, you can purchase all of the wholesale and retail products on Taobao.com. You do not need to know Chinese language and have any Chinese bank account. You just need to choose the products and settlement. We will provide the items you need and ship you the package after we have checked the quality of the products.


Why purchase chinese goods

This is exactly not the so-called secret, china is the “factory of the world”. 10 years ago, the quality of chinese goods attracted lots of criticism, but at present, it has under gone fundamental changes, china is becoming a vast science park, a selection of the newest products and improvement of science and technology. China’s GDP is growthing every year.Because of the lower production cost and low experienced labor price, China’s goods are attracting much more attention from the world. Chinese manufactures produce nearly every type of the products in the world: key chain, plastic material vessels, medical equipment and automobiles. If you want to purchase top quality chinese goods with low price, the best choice is Taobao, Taobao is the biggest online shop which can buy anything you like.

Is it safe to purchase on Idealmalls.com?

When customers purchase on Idealmalls, they are absolutely safe. We have full confidence to assure that the business is normal and integrated Moreover, we make use of the SSL encryption protocol that's a cryptographic modality of web data transfer providing a security link when we work.


Idealmalls.com ensure the safety and accuracy of every transaction. We will check the received data, including name, order number, the payer, the payment date, total amount, the quantity of order and private account. We also ensure security and legality of our customers in the payment. We will finally confirm your payment according
to the total amount and the payment methods. And we also accept a variety of payment methods: PayPal, Credit card
, Moneygram, Moneybookers and Western union.


About our company

Idealmalls.com is an application site of China's Taobao facing worldwide, as a leading C2C online trade platform, Idealmalls.com provide the same procurement process and services, and offer any problem consultation. Idealmalls.com is the official partner of Taobao, which linked to Taobao's open platform system. Our company has skillfully operation team and rich purchasing experience, we can meet your various procurement requirement. We abide the principle customer supremacy, and expending our platform, enhance our customer service, inprove our service standards.